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Oprogramowania w wersji alfa na produkcji?

19 sierpnia 2013, 15:35 | W biegu | 0 komentarzy

Dlaczego nie należy na produkcji używać oprogramowania w wersjach testowych (alfa, beta, itp.)? Genialne wyjaśnienie znajdziecie w tym komunikacie.


YOU WOULD HAVE TO BE SOME KIND OF LUNATIC TO USE THIS IN PRODUCTION CODE RIGHT NOW. It is so alpha that it begins the Greek alphabet. It is so alpha that Jean-Luc Godard is filming there. It is so alpha that it’s 64-bit RISC from the 1990s. It’s so alpha that it’ll try to tell you that you belong to everyone else. It’s so alpha that when you turn it sideways, it looks like an ox. It’s so alpha that the Planck constant wobbles a little bit whenever I run the unit tests.

I will break backward compatibility more than once. (Probably.)

I will change something you were depending on. (Or at least, I won’t promise not to.)

There might be horrible security bugs left in it. If there are, I won’t be very embarrassed: I told you not to use it yet!

If it breaks, you don’t get to keep both pieces! I will come over and break the pieces into even smaller pieces, then break something else that you actually liked, then point at them and laugh and laugh and laugh.

(To people without my particular sense of humor: the purpose of this section is to make you not use libottery in production code yet, because it isn’t ready. If it makes you nervous about using this version of the software in production: good! That’s the point.)

— WS

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